Boggy Creek Farm

Luck, Texas Grant ($7,500) and AFWA Grant ($7,500): $15,000

Launched in 1992, Boggy Creek Farm was the first urban farm in Austin, kickstarting the area locavore movement. Anchored by a restored 1841 farmhouse, the farm has been an important source for fresh, organic produce in East Austin’s food desert and a community gathering space for more than 150 years.

The grant will fund an extension of the hen house roof, which will divert rainwater to a 2,500-gallon water tank, resulting in more nutrient-rich produce and educational opportunities on water conservation and chicken keeping. Additionally, the grant will support infrastructure repairs to a chicken run damaged in a 2001 tornado. Overall, this funding will continue to preserve the legacy of sustainability and community founded by farmers/owners Carol Ann Sayles and Larry Butler.