Miche Bread

Miche Bread is the first and only community-supported bakeshop in Austin and provides organic, subscription-based breads made with heirloom grains milled in-house and leavened naturally. Owner Sandeep Gyawali’s goal is to continue to revitalize the local grain economy in Central Texas, by purchasing a universal mill to re-establish access and use of mesquite flour. Using locally foraged and native mesquite pods, Miche Bread provided the first commercially available source of locally foraged mesquite flour in our area, re-introducing a native food of historical and current importance. The availability of mesquite flour will inspire chefs to begin working with a unique food and flavor that can be used in savory and sweet dishes as well as in drinkable products such as beer, liqueurs and kombucha, not to mention Sandeep’s amazing artisan breads.