Barton Springs Mills

James Brown, Owner of Barton Springs Mill.

Launching Austin’s first flour mill since 1886, James Brown has created a resurgence in the production of organic, stone-milled ancient, heirloom and landrace grains, highly valued by chefs, bakers, brewers and distillers. At Barton Springs Mill, Brown is producing fresh-milled flours that are nutritious and praised for their flavor, as well as being more easily tolerated by those with gluten and grain sensitivities. With the opening of the mill almost two years ago, he has created a market for local and regional Texas farmers to grow these grains using sustainable organic practices, many of which were previously grown in the early 1900s. Several of the ancient grains require an additional hulling process to make them suitable for milling.

With this grant, Brown will purchase specialized hulling equipment to create the state’s only processing facility for heirloom grains emmer, einkorn and spelt.