Bee Tree Farm & Dairy

Bee Tree Farm & Dairy produces hand-raised, hand-crafted goat milk cheeses from a farmstead in Manor, TX.Owner , head cheese maker and chief goat milker, Jenna Kelly-Landes sought to fill a gap in local farmstead cheeses by producing whole goat milk halloumi and whole goat milk skyr, two cheeses not made by any other artisan producer in the southern United States. The grant will be used to increase production of these unique Texas-born cheeses through improvements to the dairy and barn buildings, improve packaging and purchase equipment to increase current milk production by 30%.

Additionally, the grant funding will be used to establish a dairy apprenticeship program, providing experience and teaching skills to include goat birthing, milking, general husbandry, cheese making and market sales.

In a first-ever dual named grant award, Bee Tree Farm & Dairy has not only been selected for the Whole Foods Market grant but also The Gina Burchenal Grant supporting a woman-owned business. With the addition of the Gina Burchenal Grant, owner Jenna Kelly-Landes will gain the additional funds to fully support Bee Tree Farm & Dairy’s expansion plans for production of these two unique farmstead cheeses.