Support Culinary Education

“I learned that the different types of careers in the culinary industry are hugely varied from what most people normally see, it isn’t just restaurant cooks, or owners, there are industries that focus on advertising food, food science, not to mention the cultural diversity. ” – Erich Lipuma, Liberty Hill High School Student

The Austin Food & Wine Alliance is dedicated to creating meaningful and accessible educational resources to inspire and empower the next generation of culinary professionals in Central Texas.

For the individual donor: A gift of $35 will send one high school student to CACC but a gift of any amount is appreciated and impactful

For the business: Becoming a sponsor or hosting a booth at the CACC puts you in the unique position of getting in front of 600+ high school students. As a sponsor, you’ll be featured in our marketing communications, including email and social to our heavily engaged audience of foodies, chefs, and executives in culinary.

Making Culinary Education Accessible

The Culinary Arts Career Conference (CACC) is the pinnacle of the Alliance’s efforts to support youth in culinary education. The CACC was developed to give Central Texas high school culinary arts students the opportunity to learn and gain inspiration through direct connection to professionals from a wide spectrum of career paths in the culinary world.

Since CACC’s inception in 2013, we have hosted more than 2,000 students from over 70 Central Texas High Schools, connecting them to 75 unique panelists, speakers, chefs and local culinary mentors.