Lost Pines Yaupon Tea

Lost Pines Yaupon Tea utilizes yaupon, a local, sustainably harvested plant that grows wild in Central Texas and is the only native caffeine source in North America.  Unlike other caffeine sources from around the world, yaupon isn’t watered or sprayed with fertilizers or pesticides.

Enjoyed as both a hot or iced tea and brewed like herba mate, Lost Pines wild harvests yaupon from the Lost Pines Forest area of Bastrop, Texas, which experienced a massive fire in 2011. Overgrown yaupon underbrush is considered a huge factor in the Bastrop Complex Fire. Thinning yaupon helps the pine trees grow back and restores habitat, effectively helping reforest instead of de-forest.

The grant funds will be used to increase production, upgrade packaging and purchase a hot bottling machine to bottle tea concentrates.