Texas High School BBQ Cookers

Texas High School BBQ Cookers is a nonprofit association created to promote and sanction educational extracurricular cookoffs while promoting and preserving barbeque education. This is done through State High School BBQ Championships, Regional State Cook Offs, and barbeque events supporting high school youth, teachers, vocational education, agriculture and community.

The grant will help to create a more formal competition and program to motivate high schools to start and encourage High School BBQ Teams, inspiring students to learn the art of live fire cooking, including barbecue, grilling, and chuckwagon dutch oven, as well as vocational welding skills.

This grant will make it possible for outreach to all high schools in the state, potentially impacting thousands of young people and will carry on the Texas tradition of smoked meat and barbecue, helping young people learn how to feed themselves, Texas Style, and take pride in our state’s heritage.